About the Company~

Rodeo Leather, was Ryan’s idea; After his near death experience at the NFR and during his 3 month recovery at home, he had some time on his hands. Being the handy man that he is~ he put his mechanic skills to use on my World War 2, Singer Parachute Sewing Machine, which I acquired with a little trading through my Aunt Ann. He got it running like a fine machine, learned how to use it, and began making some tack. Then said we needed to come up with a product to sell for income during his time home. I had made some leather pillows with pictures of Ryan riding several years ago, and everyone that comes to our home loves them, as they are very unique and personalized. Soo Ryan suggested that I make more and put them up for sale on Facebook.  They were a hit! We also made friends with a wonderful man through the social networking site, which helps me to get all of my fine leather. It has all come together smoothly and with Divine grace.

I Love to create and make people happy with a unique product. Soo with our self taught sewing skills and teamwork, Ryan and Lacy would love to make you a one of a kind, customized Rodeo Leather pillow to compliment your home decor.

About Ryan and Lacy Gray~

Ryan was born in Wyoming and from rodeo heritage, watching his Uncle Jeff ride bareback horses at college rodeos is what inspired him to do the same. Ryan was an all around competitor in Junior Rodeo but excelled in bareback riding and bull riding which took him to School at Odessa College on a full scholarship where he met Lacy.

Lacy was born and raised in Arizona, from a ranching and rodeo heritage. Her Grandpa Bob Richardson ran cattle in what’s now Scottsdale, and her father Dale Bohlander competed in PRCA calf roping in holding an arena record in Indiana until last year. Lacy rode from age 2 and competed in all of the rodeo events growing up, excelling in the goat tying event that also took her on a full scholarship to Odessa to rodeo for the great coach Jim Watkins.

It was love at first sight and a fairy tale of a love story. We finished our degrees at Odessa, and both went to the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper where Ryan won the National Collegiate Title and I placed 5th. But the most exciting part of the College Finals was that Ryan asked me to be his Wife.  Engaged, and planning our future, we then went on and Rodeoed for Texas Tech University. In 2006 we earned our degrees in Agricutural Leadership and General Studies, Ryan had his first of 6 NFR qualifications, we got married, and bought our home near Lubbock Texas where we spend most of the year as it is a good location to rodeo from. In the summer months we follow the rodeo trail to the North West part of the country and spend time on our land near Spokane Washington, which is the part of the Country where Ryan grew up.

We spend every possible second with each other and take advantage of living and exploring every day. Whether it be fly fishing on a beautiful river that we camped by in our minivan on the way to a rodeo, enjoying the lake on Ryan and Kayle’s (younger brother) ’69 Evinrude boat, archery hunting deer or turkey, climbing treacherous mountains to shoot a trophy sheep, breaking and training our 3 horses, team roping, remodeling our 60 year old home, building fence, or building pillows. We are a team that loves to work together and enjoy this beautiful life that God has given us.

Ryan and I have been truly blessed to live a lifestyle that we love and cherish.  The friendships that we have forged through rodeo are unlike any other in this world. We thank God for having such wonderful family and friends to encourage and support us. We are mostly thankful for God’s Grace, and give our best in all that we do while giving the Glory to Him.

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C~Ya Down the Rodeo Trail!

~Lacy Dale Gray